Situation of young people in the European Union

Commission staff working document

Akvilė Motiejūnaitė, Anna Horváth, Giulia Paolini

The renewed framework for European cooperation in the youth field, also known as the EU Youth Strategy, covers the period from 2010 to 2018. It is divided into three-year work cycles. At the end of each cycle, a European Union (EU) Youth Report should be drawn up by the Commission. The Council has specified that the report ‘shall consist of two parts: a joint Council-Commission report (political part), and supporting documents (statistical and analytical part). The EU Youth Report will evaluate progress made towards the overall objectives of the framework, as well as progress regarding the priorities defined for the most recent work cycle and identify good practices’. This statistical part of the report presents data and information on the current situation of young people in Europe.

Proposition de citation

Paolini, G., Horváth, A. & Motiejūnaitė, A. (2018). Situation of young people in the European Union: Commission staff working document. Luxembourg. European Commission (EC).

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