National drug report 2016

New developments, trends and in-depth information on selected issues

Alain Origer, Céline Diederich, Simone Schram, Sofia Lopes Da Costa

The 2016 edition of the national report on the state of the drugs problem in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg aims to describe the framework in which drug use and drug trafficking evolve at the national level by providing a comprehensive overview of historical developments and recent trends.
Thanks are due to the following experts and institutions consulted in the framework of the 2016 edition of the report: Dr Arno Bache (Directorate of health), Catherine Trierweiler (Ministry of justice), Michelle Wolff (Customs Administration), Claude Frieden (CNS), Guy Theisen, Guy Reinart and Simone Schram (Ministry of health), Sophie hoffmann (police), Robert Welter (public prosecutor’s Office), Dr Serge Schneider and Dr Michel Yegles (National Laboratory of health LNS) as well as all national specialised NGOs.

Proposition de citation

Origer, A., Lopes Da Costa, S., Diederich, C. & Schram, S. (2016). National drug report 2016: New developments, trends and in-depth information on selected issues. Luxembourg. Point Focal Luxembourgeois de l’O.E.D.T.; Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH).

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